TrandoMed Provide Patient-Specific Model For Stryker ASEAN Team

- Mar 10, 2020-

"The hands-on session with patient specific model allows us to plan for the treatment strategy as well as to anticipate challenging situation especially when the device is being pushed to its limit"

                                                                                                                                  - Dr Kittipong Riabroi(PSU Hospital)

patient-specific model 3.10

Stryker ASEAN team supports immersion workshop, organized with the participation of local Thailand physicians. Before the session, TrandoMed get purchase order from Stryker to 3D print carotid model with aneurysm per their DICOM CT data.

       custom model 3custom model 1

The highlights of the immersion program include experience sharing, hands-on under fluoroscopy with patient-specific model, managing intraoperative complication.

workshop 1

By offering a patient specific 3D printed model, the participants could plan and deploy their very first operation under a risk-free environment. This has greatly reduce the stress of running into an unexpected situation during actual procedure.

workshop 2