Lower Leg Arterial Transparent Silicone Trainer for School Teaching/vessels of Lower Limb/leg Artery

Lower Leg Arterial Transparent Silicone Trainer for School Teaching/vessels of Lower Limb/leg Artery

Lower Leg Arterial Model
Material:Transparent silicone
Size: Customised 3d printing
Brand:Trandomed,OEM,ODM accepted
Lead time:7-10 days
Port:Ningbo, China
Payment:T/T, Alipay, PayPal, L/C

Product Details

Lower Leg Arterial  Transparent Silicone Trainer for School Teaching/vessels of lower limb/leg artery

Product feature

1. Realistic replica for testing, training, and demonstration

2. Various pathology for choice

3. Smooth hollow passageways

4. Durable transparent silicone

5. Customizable inner diameter

Product description

Above pictures shows the Lower Leg Artery generated from our real human CT database. It can be seamlessly attached to another models through the standard Y-connectors.

The anterior tibial artery of the leg carries blood to the anterior compartment of the leg and dorsal surface of the foot, from the popliteal artery.

The posterior tibial artery of the lower limb carries blood to the posterior compartment of the leg and plantar surface of the foot, from the popliteal artery via the tibial-fibular trunk. It is accompanied by a deep vein, the posterior tibial vein, along its course.

The fibular artery arises from the bifurcation of tibial-fibular trunk into the fibular and posterior tibial arteries in the upper part of the leg proper, just below the knee. It runs towards the foot in the deep posterior compartment of the leg, just medial to the fibula. It supplies a perforating branch to both the lateral and anterior compartments of the leg; it also provides a nutrient artery to the fibula. Some sources claim that the fibular artery arises directly from the posterior tibial artery, but vascular and plastic surgeons note the clinical significance of the tibial-fibular trunk.

As you can see, we fix it on a transparent platform for anatomical flexibility. We also can customize transparent acrylic case and biomimetic support to make sure the standard anatomical location.It is a great tool for cardiologists.

It can be used at professional training sessions, like hospitals and medical schools, trade shows and exhibitions. Most of our customer use it to test and demonstrate their medical device.







    What aneurysm types are you able to produce?

    We commonly produce aortic, cerebral, and peripheral aneurysms with either fusiform or saccular shapes. The sizes of our aneurysms vary between berry and giant.

    What is your payment terms?

    Our payment terms is T/T, L/C, Western union and PayPal.

    What is the turn-around time for an order?

    Orders are usually received within 3-8 weeks after a PO or alternative payment plan is approved.

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