Brachial Radial Artery 2D Printing Model for Medical Students /radial Artery/medical Simulator

Brachial Radial Artery 2D Printing Model for Medical Students /radial Artery/medical Simulator

2D Brachial-Radial Artery Model
Material:Transparent silicone
Size: Customised 3d printing
Brand: Trandomed,OEM,ODM accepted
Lead time:7-10 days
Port:Ningbo, China
Payment:T/T, Alipay, PayPal, L/C

Product Details

Product feature


1. Realistic replica for testing, training, and demonstration.

2. Various pathology for choice

3. Smooth hollow passageways

4. Durable transparent silicone


Product description


Above pictures shows the Brachial Radial Artery generated from our real human CT database. It contains the Brachial artery and Radial artery. It can be seamlessly attached to another models through the standard Y-connectors.


TrandoMed, as brachial vessel supplier/manufacture also can customize transparent acrylic case and biomimetic support to make sure the standard anatomical location.It is a great tool for cardiologists.  Contact brachial artery supplier at


It can be used at professional training sessions, like hospitals and medical schools, trade shows and exhibitions. Most of our customer use it to test and demonstrate their medical device. Buy brachial artery model from TrandoMed.





    Q: Can I connect this model to other model?

    A: Sure! all the models have standard Luer connector for easy switch.


    Q: What's the difference between this model and brachial-radial-ulnar artery model?

    A: only small difference with unlar artery.


    Q: Is your silicone material good?

    A: all these vessel was made by proprietary silicone formulas, it's durable and lifelike.


    Q: What’s your main products?

    A: Clinical skills training series; Human anatomical model, real human/animal bone;  Medical simulator, mainly the full body vascular structure model(Cerebral-Coronary-Abdominal).


    Q:How can I use it?

    A: you can use it to practice the interventional surgery from radial access.

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